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Medieval News

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Medieval News
  • Writing about the Crusades and talking about a "meddlesome priest" by Jun 8, 2017
    The Middle Ages are in the news again, so here is a roundup of recent news articles. We start with three good reads from historians talking about the crusades [View the story "Writing about the Crusades and talking about a "meddlesome priest"" on ...
  • 10 New Youtube Videos for Medieval Lovers - Volume 2 by Mar 6, 2017
    We found 10 more new videos on Youtube about the Middle Ages.Rediscovered: Medieval Books at Birkbeck This video introduces University of London - Birkbeck's small collection of four medieval books: three fifteenth-century manuscripts and one...
  • St. Magnus, Chaucer and Donaeld the Unready - what's new in the Middle Ages by Feb 15, 2017
    In this week's news roundup of all things medieval, you can read about creating the face of St.Magnus, good reads about the Vikings, and someone having fun on Twitter. [View the story "Magnus, Chaucer and Donaeld the Unready" on Storify]Our i...
  • What's New With Vikings! and more medieval news by Feb 2, 2017
    We are back with doing roundups of the medieval news! Let's start with a few recent pieces for fans of all things Norse...[View the story "What's New With Vikings! and more medieval news" on Storify]And our image of the week is this zodiac si...
  • 10 New Youtube Videos for Medieval Lovers by Jan 23, 2017
    A roundup of ten recent videos on Youtube for those interested in Medieval StudiesAndalusian Stories profiles Francisco Gutiérrez, who reproduces manuscripts and designs new miniatures applying the same techniques and materials used by mast...
  • News Roundup - The 950th Anniversary of the Battle of Hastings by Oct 17, 2016
    How the anniversary celebrations and the re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings at Battle Abbey was reported in the media... [View the story "News Roundup - The 950th Anniversary of the Battle of Hastings" on Storify]
  • Anglo-Saxon Chronicle manuscripts digitized and more medieval news by Feb 4, 2016
    Our weekly roundup of medieval news starts with the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle...[View the story "Anglo-Saxon Chronicle manuscripts digitized and more medieval news" on Storify]
  • Holy Wells, Lowercase Letters and Femfog: Medieval News Roundup by Jan 27, 2016
    What we came across in our web browsing over the last week or so that will be of interest to medievalists...[View the story "Holy Wells, Lowercase Letters and Femfog: Medieval News Roundup" on Storify]Our Photo of the Week shows 14th century stone...
  • From Mass Surveillance to Haggis: Medieval News Roundup by Dec 27, 2015
    What we found this week in our online wanderings...[View the story "From Mass Surveillance to Haggis: Medieval News Roundup" on Storify]Our photo of the week comes from a Gospel book that was made at the Benedictine monastery of the Holy Savior at...

For the Studious

Medieval and Early Modern English Studies in Switzerland

external image Monk_reading.pngIf you're thinking of doing further studies of Medieval English, visit this web page, Swiss Association of Medieval and Early Modern English Studies
"The following English departments in Switzerland offer students possibilities of specializing in our fields: Berne (MA in Medieval and Early Modern English Literature), Basle, Fribourg and Geneva (specialization in medieval and/or early modern possible within English MA), Neuchâtel (specialization in medieval and/or early modern possible within Literature MA), Lausanne and Zürich (interdisciplinary MA in medieval studies or specialization possible within English MA). For more information, please consult the home pages of the relevant departments." This page will give you links to these schools.

The letters of Pope Clement IV (1265-1268)

external image images?q=tbn:ejOr8OG6OsILuM:bThe letters of Pope Clement IV (1265-1268) (Die Briefe Papst Clemens’ IV. (1265–1268) 556 letters (in Latin) can be downloaded as a pdf file from this Free University of Berlin web page. (If your Latin isn't up to it, you could use this website to read them)
"Included are letters to the kings of Sicily, France, England, Aragon, Castile, to the Emperor of Byzantium and the princes of the Tartars, in many cases, to cardinals, who were just outside the Roman Curia, and the rest to various ecclesiastical prelates, secular lords, to acquaintances and relatives of Provençal home of the Pope and many others. "

Learn Latin Online

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSwST7OBFpmecKcY6XGld6CzgjeY5mcJwb1AxZAM0bYSvnu7o4&t=1&usg=__zBzYjZmSnGoG_NPbU7odUaR2JEA=The UK National Archives has an online beginners Latin module which uses medieval and early modern manuscripts from their collections. It comprises 12 tutorials with helpful supplementary information and could be useful to those who are considering delving into all this for the first time.

Learning to Do Historical Research

external image 932_Framing_a_research_question_fig07_lowres.jpg"Whenever you frame a question with reference to how things have changed over time, you commit yourself to doing historical research. All of us do this all the time, but not everyone thinks very carefully about the best ways of finding information about the past and how it relates to the present.
The website is divided into two major sections:
  • The first surveys essential stages of the research process.
  • The second surveys different kinds of documents that can offer invaluable information and insights about the past."

For the Creative

Historic Tale Construction Cit

Historic Tale Construction Cit [sic] or "Caption your own Bayeux Tapestry" is just the thing to brighten up a dull day/century. It allows you to choose various figures, animals, buildings, and other objects along with text (with your choice of color) to create your own historic tale.
02 Aug 2011 this site was down

Medieval Cookery Books

external image images?q=tbn:619yPYSvw97fEM:l
Manuscripts and cookery books in Medieval Europe will give you a good background, and get you started in the Medieval kitchen. Here's the link to the Forme of Cury, which is mentioned in one of our videos.

Making a crossbow

external image CRSBW.JPG Watch the video on the Swiss page of our Vidéothèque, and then watch the 10 other videos which begin here, which show step by step the building of a crossbow. Consult the Wikipedia article, too.


external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQnWKM22O3umNIC1ku0YK3pV7-fcwieo6uK8VY-w5M7NHmdEEI&t=1&usg=__K6g1CWmc0p2WD70vPEcqAHXBuHQ=Try your hand at Medieval Medicine. Here's your chance to try to diagnose and cure patients as if you were a doctor in the Middle Ages. There are three patients for you to cure. Read about their symptoms and then decide what treatment to prescribe.