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Capetian Dynasty (987–1848)


Family Tree, links, history at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_of_Capet#Early_Capetian_kings

  • 987–996, Hugh Capet (Hugues Capet), Count of Paris, crowned King of the Franks
  • 996–1031, Robert II, the Pious (Robert II le Pieux)
  • 1031–1060, Henry I (Henri Ier)
  • 1060–1108, Philip I (Philippe Ier)
  • 1108–1137, Louis VI, the Fat (Louis VI le Gros)
  • 1137–1180, Louis VII, the Young (Louis VII le Jeune)
  • 1180–1223, Philip II Augustus, the God-Given (Philippe II Auguste Dieudonné)
  • 1223–1226, Louis VIII, the Lion (Louis VIII le Lion)
  • 1226–1270, Louis IX, the Saint, ("Saint Louis") (Louis IX le Saint, Saint Louis)
  • 1270–1285, Philip III, the Bold (Philippe III le Hardi)
  • 1285–1314, Philip IV, the Fair (Philippe IV le Bel)
  • 1314–1316, Louis X, the Quarrelsome (Louis X le Hutin)
  • 1316–1316, John I, the Posthumous (Jean Ier le Posthume)
  • 1316–1322, Philip V, the Tall (Philippe V le Long)
  • 1322–1328, Charles IV, the Fair (Charles IV le Bel)